After encouragement of his saxophonist father Mümin Şallıel, Batu started his musical life by the age of nine. 
In 2010, he attended London College of Music certification program in Turkey and graduated with a degree. Batu started his professional musical journey at the age of 15. 
He has played with famous jazz musicians and pop singers such as, 
Önder Focan, Aşkın Arsunan, Aycan Teztel, Şenova Ülker, Volkan Öktem, Ferit Odman, Kağan Yıldız, Ozan Musluoğlu.
Mehmet Erdem, Alper Atakan, Atiye, Göksel, Yeni Türkü, Burcu Güneş, İskender Paydaş. 
By the year 2012 they have formed What Da Funk project with Anıl Şallıel and hosted various gigs with 
Kelli Sae, Omar, Gülçin Ergül, Bay J. Batu has played in 50 different metropols of Turkey and attended many International Jazz Festivals. By March of 2014 he applied to Riga International Jazz Stage, Jazz Saxophone competition with the support of Önder Focan, 
got accepted to the competition with ten international players from various countries. At April 3 2014, he has become the winner in semi finals and by April 4 he also won super finals at the age of 19. He has received, 
Grand Prize, Best Jazz Improvisation Award, Invitation to play at Fashing Jazz Club at Stockholm and International Riga Saxophonia Festival. He has appeared in The Best Of Riga Jazz Stage 2014 Album with Aşık Veysel’s masterpiece “Uzun İnce Bir Yoldayım”. Currently, he is a member of Mehmet Erdem’s band and Önder Focan’s Standard A La Turc group since 2014. In September 2015, he has formed Şallıel Bros Funkbook Project with Önder Focan, and interpreting Önder Focan compositions in a funky way.
30th May 2016 Önder Focan & Şallıel Bros Funkbook album was released. International Jazz Festivals attended; Istanbul İKSV Jazz Festival Afyon Jazz Festival Akbank Jazz Festival Riga Saxophonia 2015 Serbia Green Town Jazz Festival Thessaloniki Dimitria Jazz Festival Cameroon Yaounde Jazz Festival Bursa Nilüfer Caz Tatili
Ankara Caz Festivali 
Ankara X Jazz Festival